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Platform BCC Trade

Trading platform «ВСС Trade» makes the investment process as simple and convenient as possible.

Great importance JSC "BCC Invest" attaches opportunities for operational investment and management of a brokerage account through the BCCTRADE trading platform.

BCCTRADE allows you to make transactions in any place convenient for you.

Trading platform «ВСС Trade»

Simplicity and convenience

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The BCC Trade trading platform makes the investment process as simple and convenient as possible.

Access to the system is possible from anywhere in the world from a computer connected to the Internet.

The user-friendly interface will allow any user inexperienced in technology to carry out the necessary operations.

Trading orders can be signed using an electronic digital signature (EDS)/SMS password.

The BCC Trade trading platform will save you time and carry out transactions without leaving home.

Kazakhstan and international market


A distinctive feature of the trading platform is the ability to perform trading operations both on the Kazakh and international markets. With the help of the "BCC Trade" system, you will be able to buy securities of the world's largest companies on the world's leading exchanges, such as New York, London, Seoul, etc.


Reliable and certified encryption methods

Double user authentication

Electronic digital signature

Features of the "BCC Trade" trading platform

  • Track the movement of funds, securities and shares on your brokerage account.
  • Find out information about the current quotations of stocks and bonds traded on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.
  • Calculate the profitability of the investment portfolio as a whole and individual securities and units.
  • To make exchange transactions of purchase / sale, both in Kazakhstan and in the international market.
  • View account statements for a certain period.
  • Transfer funds to your bank accounts.
  • See the current status of all completed transactions.
  • Buy shares of Mutual Investment Funds.

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