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Brokerage services for individuals

Learn how to earn money in an alternative way and use the opportunities of the financial market with us!

If you decide to invest your free capital in order to save and increase it, we will help you choose the most preferred way of investing for you.

To date, the Stock Market offers ample opportunities for investing in various instruments on the Kazakh and International securities market.

Investing in securities allows you to get income that exceeds the rates of bank deposits.

We provide you with the tools to manage and increase your capital.

Brokerage services

Brokerage service — provision of services for the purchase /sale of securities on behalf of the Client.

It is suitable for clients who prefer to make their own decisions and directly participate in the management of their capital.

Being a client of JSC "BCC Invest" you will be able to keep abreast of important financial market news.

You will regularly receive analytical reviews and investment ideas from your consultant.

Strong analytics will help you not only save, but also increase your savings.

BCC Trade

JSC "BCC Invest" is constantly working on the development of various sales channelsfor the convenience of providing services to its customers.

The company attaches great importance to the development of remote sales, providing a wide range of tools for exchange trading.

For this purpose, our specialists have developed the "BCC Trade" system, which allows the Clients of JSC "BCC Invest" to make transactions with securities via the Internet without leaving home or office.

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