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What is a mutual fund?

In simple words: a monetary fund is created by investors' deposits and is placed under the management of a management company. Fund managers are professional analysts who use these funds to buy and sell various securities and financial instruments.

The fund manager's activities are controlled by the investment committee of the management company. In turn, the management company is controlled by the regulator represented by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main difference from self-investing is that even small investments are "professional". For example, having invested even the minimum amount of the contribution – 10 thousand tenge, you buy a part of the portfolio in which stocks, bonds, as well as investments in gold, oil and currency are balanced. That is, you simultaneously and equally become the owner of a part, both a simple inexpensive stock and a bond, which can cost 50 thousand dollars, which for many investors is an unaffordable price to buy.

Investing in mutual funds is usually practiced to reduce the risks of loss of earned capital. Part of the assets you hold on deposit, part – in real estate, part works on the stock market and part works in mutual funds. Thus, you not only insure yourself against the simultaneous loss of all savings, but also increase the percentage of profitability, because the deposit gives a fixed rate, and wisely chosen alternatives accelerate profitability.


  • Portfolio diversification by asset classes, sectors, and countries.
  • The need to work independently with the stock market is eliminated. You invest money in a mutual fund and receive monthly reports on its activities. Part of your savings is working on a deposit account, part in a mutual fund – this is a great opportunity to share risks.
  • Unlike a bank deposit, where you have no idea where exactly your money is invested, we provide depositors with the full structure of the fund's assets.
  • About 60% of mutual fund assets are investments of employees of the entire financial group "Bank CenterCredit", who perfectly understand the difference between a mutual fund and a deposit.

How to buy shares?

  1. To purchase shares, you must submit an electronic application through the "Buy a share" website and specify your personal data.
  2. Next, a notification will be sent to the specified e-mail with a link to the page where the client will be able to sign these documents using an electronic digital signature (EDS) issued by the National Certification Center. You can get an EDS at any branch of the Public Service Center (PSC).
  3. After signing all the necessary documents, the Company's manager sends the completed documents to the Central Securities Depository JSC, where a personal account is assigned to the client.
  4. After opening a personal account, the client will be able to make transactions to transfer funds for the purchase of shares, both from his bank account and using the BCC Trade trading platform.
  5. It is also possible to buy shares by opening an account at the Company's office located at - Almaty, Almaly district, st. Panfilova 98, Block B, 1st floor.

Pricing policy

The minimum contribution amount is $100 
The annual commission for Fund management is 0.075% of the amount
You can exit the mutual fund, that is, sell your shares, according to the Rules of the IPIF, only once a quarter, that is, 4 times a year

The minimum term of the deposit without withdrawal of discounts is 12 months

If it is necessary to withdraw money urgently outside the permitted dates, the depositor will have to pay a discount to restore the interests of other depositors in the amount of:
from 0 months to 12 months - 1% of the invested assets
over 12 months - 0%

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