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You can protect your money from devaluation and receive income in foreign currency by buying Eurobonds

Eurobonds denominated in US dollars are currently in high demand among investors as they offer high dollar yields with minimal risk.

Why are Eurodollar bonds so attractive?

  • Yield on the Eurodollar bonds is more than 5% per annum in USD which is well above the rates on the USD-denominated deposits;
  • Help to hedge against the foreign currency exchange risk;
  • Early sale of bonds is possible, if required;
  • Fixed coupon payments twice a year;
  • Low risks for investments related mainly to the creditworthiness of issuers.

How is yield on bonds calculated?

Bond is a debt security under which the issuer undertakes the responsibility to pay pre-determined amount to the investor in the future. In other words, you give a certain amount of cash to the company that it undertakes to return in the future at a certain borrowing rate. The investor's income is composed of coupon payment income and the difference between the bond purchase price and its par value.

We offer to consider the possibility of purchasing Eurobonds of both Kazakhstan and international issuers.


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