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For beginners

If you have decided to invest available capital in order to save or increase it, we will help to choose the most preferred way of investing for you.

Selection of a broker

All kinds of operations in securities market, according to the law, can only be executed through your broker representing your interests in the stock market.

How to choose a reliable brokerage company?

Relevant license and experience in the financial market are the main criteria for broker selection. Such information can be obtained on company’s personal website or on the website of the Committee of Financial Supervision by clicking on this link.

Conclusion of agreement

Cooperation with the brokerage company starts with conclusion of Brokerage service agreement by you and a broker selected by you. This Agreement is public and available on the official Company website. In this regard, all you need is to sign the Statement of accession to Agreement.

Your ID is required for conclusion of the Agreement. We also advise you to get a notarized consent of the spouse with a view to full compliance of transactions effected with legislation on marriage and family.

Conclusion of agreement with brokerage company implies opening of a brokerage account in it. You may open an account by the following ways:

By opening an account in the brokerage company you automatically open an account in the Central Securities Depository, which is a custodian of your securities and cash. Please, bear in mind, that a Broker acts only as an intermediary between you, Stock Exchange and Central Depository.

Broker and dealer activity with the right to manage client accounts as a nominal holder is executed according to the Rules and Procedures established.

Topping up of a brokerage account

You need to top up a brokerage account by transferring funds to it in any way suitable for you in order to perform a transaction in the stock market: by

  • transferring money from your personal bank account;
  • transferring money through the cash and settlement unit of any bank;
  • using StarBanking remote account management system.

Settlement of transaction

Any operations in the stock market are held only on the submission of Your order. No one will be able to use your cash or securities in any way without your knowledge. Thus, Order (instruction or commission), which is signed by you in person or using electronic digital signature (EDS), is prepared for execution of any operation.

After you submit a signed order, the Broker will check it for proper completion and settle a transaction. You will receive supporting documents after settlement of transaction.

There is “BCC Trade” electronic trading platform developed for your convenience. With the help of this platform you will be able to perform any operations manually and monitor their status. Please famialirize yourself with the Agreement and Rules for provision of e-services in order to use the trading platform

Dear Client!

You can find only a brief description of the brokerage company’s activity here. By clicking the links in the text you can get detailed information and find the answers to all of your questions.

If you prefer to get information directly from the Broker, please, email us at info@bcc-invest.kz or call the following numbers: +7 (727) 244 32 30; +7 (727) 244 32 24; +7 701 985 30 61; +7 701 742 87 98. We are always happy to help you and answer all of your questions.

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