For the clients of JSC "BCC Invest", an Autorepo operation is available - a product of low-risk money placement.
AUTOREPO is a method of short–term placement of money secured by securities.

How does it work?

  1. The client opens a brokerage account (free of charge)
  2. Sends money to your account
  3. Submits an order for the placement of money
  4. After 7, 14 or 30 days, they withdraw funds to their income account. Further re-placement is possible.

Why is it as reliable as in a Bank

The interests of the client (lender) are protected from 3 sides:

  • Liens are highly reliable securities. The AUTOREPO tool is secured by collateral. Government securities, shares included in the official list of the Exchange in the first, highest category and other highly reliable and liquid instruments act as collateral.
  • The discount on the collateral is up to 30% of the current fair value. The exchange, in order to protect the creditor's side (who gives money), takes securities with a fixed discount as collateral and blocks them until the transaction is closed. 
  • Clear responsibility of the intermediary (Broker). Broker (JSC "BCC Invest") – bears the established responsibility and is responsible to the client for its reputation and the reputation of the parent Bank.

In addition, the Broker controls the risks due to the fact that the borrower is a reliable client of the Broker.

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