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Trade platform presentation

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Internet trading

  • “BCC Trade” trading platform makes the investment process as simple and convenient as it can possibly  be.
  • System can be accessed from anywhere with the help of computer connected to the Internet.
  • User-friendly interface allows executing of necessary operations for any inexperienced user.
  • Trading orders can be signed using EDS.
  • “BCC Trade” trading platform saves your time and gives you a possibility to execute transactions without leaving your home.

JSC “BCC Invest” constantly works on development of various sales channels for the convenience of services to its customers. JSC “BCC Invest” attaches a great value to development of remote sales, provision of a wide range of instruments for trading.

To this end, our experts have developed “BCC Trade” system which allows clients of “BCC Invest” to effect transactions with securities through the Internet without leaving their home or office

“BCC Trade” system also enables customers of JSC “BCC Invest” to monitor current quotations of financial instruments online, have access to their own investment portfolio, track the movement of cash and financial instruments,create graphs indicating changes in the cost of financial instruments for a certain period.

Kazakhstan and international market

The distinctive feature of the trading platform is the ability to trade both on Kazakhstan and international markets. With the help of «BCC Trade» you can buy securities of the world's largest companies on the leading stock exchanges, such as New York, London, Seoul and others.


Reliable and
certified encryption methods
Two-factor authentication Digital signature

Possibilities of the “BCC Trade” trading platform

  • Enables to track the movements of cash, securities and shares in your brokerage account;
  • Enables to calculate the return of a whole investment portfolio as well as for individual securities and shares;
  • Enables to view account statement for a certain period;
  • Enables to view the current status of all completed transactions;
  • Enables to receive notifications in case of change of account balance (upon receipt of dividends or coupons on securities; retention of fee for transaction);
  • Enables to review current prices of stocks and bonds, traded on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange

Features of the system when using a digital signature

  • Enables to commit exchange transactions of purchase/sale on Kazakhstan and international markets.
  • Enables to transfer funds to your bank accounts and third party accounts
  • Enables to sell mutual fund shares «Reasonable Balance»


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Get BCC trade App here,

Find instruction for EDS installation for Android here.

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