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IMF "CenterCredit – Currency"

The investment strategy of the Fund is aimed at obtaining interest income in the form of coupon payments and dividends.

Share price for 29 february 2024


Due to the change in the nominal value of the IMF "CenterCredit-Currency" unit from 1,000 USD to 100 USD, the Management Company will make a proportional increase in the number of units on the accounts of shareholders.

The strategy of the Mutual Investment Fund "Credit - Currency Center" is suitable for investors who prefer a conservative management style provided with stable income growth.

The Fund's assets are invested in instruments denominated in US dollars and other "hard" currencies. The portfolio is based on reliable Eurobonds of both Kazakhstani and foreign issuers, as well as investments in diversified global bond indices through shares of index funds traded on exchanges (ETFs).

The Fund pays dividends to its shareholders on a quarterly basis in the amount of 1.25% of the current value of the unit. Dates: March 31; June 30; September 30; December 31 (within 10 working days starting from these dates).

Exit from IPIF 1 time per quarter, Dates: January 25; April 25; July 25; October 25.



The commission for the administration and management of the Fund 0,65 %  of the average annual value of net assets
The commission for success (if the income exceeds 5%) 10% of the increase in the value of the unit

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  • License: 3.2.235/12 dated July 10, 2018.
  • Before making a decision on investing in the Fund's units, investors should familiarize themselves with
  • the Fund's Rules and the Fund's investment declaration.
  • The value of the shares may increase or decrease, the results of investing in the past do not determine the income in the future.
  • The state does not guarantee the profitability of investments in investment funds.

Dynamics of the value of the IMF "CenterCredit – Currency" unit

Name For 1 month For 3 month For 6 month In 1 year In 3 year
Dynamics of the Share price -0,126% +8,404% +12,864% +12,994% +3,902%
Net asset value +0,132% +18,154% +16,428% -0,203% -53,434%

Interactive graph of the unit cost

IMF "CenterCredit – Currency"

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