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How to get an EDS?

1. What is an EDS?

An electronic digital signature (EDS) is a set of electronic digital symbols created by means of an electronic digital signature and confirming the authenticity of an electronic document, its belonging and the immutability of its content.

2. How do I get an EDS key?

  • Through the Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Center of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KCMR)

You need to contact the manager of "BCC Invest" and send an application for an EDS. The manager of "BCC Invest" will prepare all the necessary papers and send them to you for signature when ready. After signing the documents, the manager of "BCC Invest" will send the EDS files, or send them on electronic media. You will need to install an EDS on your computer to ensure proper protection. You issue the secret keys yourself.

  • Through the National Certification Center

EDS can be obtained absolutely FREE of CHARGE in any city of Kazakhstan through Public Service Centers.

If you are a user of the Home Banking system of the Bank Center Credit, then you only need to sign a Contract to gain access to the BCC Trade platform.

Instructions for installing EDS..

To use the EDS, you can read the user manual of the EDS.

3. List of required documents:

  • The original Application for joining the Contract for the provision of services of the Certification Center.
  • The original Application for the production of keys and registration certificate and / or registration of the registration certificate.
  • A power of attorney from the Applicant to the Client for the right to present the relevant documents to the registration center of the Certification Center.
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