Broker account opening

To open an account, you can visit the office of BCC Invest JSC or submit an order online by signing it with your electronic digital signature (EDS).

To open an account, you must: «This list is not exhaustive. The Company has the right to request additional documents in accordance with the current legislation».

On this page you can open a brokerage account to work on the Kazakhstan and international stock exchanges. To do this, you need to submit an electronic application and specify your personal data. After we verify your personal data, we will create all the necessary documents for signing and opening a brokerage account. You will receive a notification by email with a link to a page where you can sign all the necessary documents using your electronic digital signature (EDS). The documents must be signed using an EDS issued by the National Certification Center. You can get an EDS at any branch of the Public Service Center (PSC).

After signing all the necessary documents and opening an account, you will be able to perform all transactions with securities and cash and receive other electronic services using the BCC Trade trading platform. Orders will be signed with an electronic digital signature or submitted using one-time passwords.

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