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Private equity, strategic and tax consulting

Private equity. If your company has a high debt burden and you need to grow your business, professional team of JSC “BCC Invest” can assess the quality of your shares and sell them to local or foreign investors.

Purpose of the local and international private equity funds is acquisition of 25-49% stake in the company with the possibility of debt financing (loans, bonds, etc.), further IPO, resale to a strategic investor after 3-5 years.

Benefits in the short term

  • Emergence of a highly professional financial partner interested in the company’s growth;
  • Investments in private equity funds is a positive signal to other potential investors;
  • Reduction of debt to equity ratio (leverage), which makes the company more attractive for additional financing by banks;
  • Company’s growth leads to potential increase in market share.

Benefits in the long term

  • Company is ready for an IPO or attraction of a strategic investor.

Strategic financial consulting. The professional team of JSC “BCC Invest” provides the following services in the field of strategic financial consulting:

  • Financial planning and analysis;
  • Structuring of business and development of business plans;
  • Consulting on fundraising;
  • Restructuring of the company's balance sheet (asset and liability management, analysis of the structure of funding);
  • Development of investment recommendations

Tax consulting. If you have investment assets (real estate, securities, stocks, etc.) that you plan to sell, we can offer you management of tax risks and structuring of transactions to optimize taxation for this type of transactions.

“BCC Invest” also provides consulting services on management, planning and calculation of taxable income for transactions carried out in the stock market, which, in case of professional tax planning, will allow clients to optimize / use tax breaks related to payment of taxes on income received in the stock market.

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