Independent trading

Advantages of the system

  • No need to sign and submit orders on paper;
  • The ability to make transactions remotely from anywhere in the world;
  • Possibility of buying/selling securities of international issuers;
  • Availability of information and history on the portfolio, transactions, current positions and cash flow;
  • Availability of information about the execution of transactions.

System features

  • Calculation of the profitability of the investment portfolio as a whole and for individual securities and units;
  • Tracking the movement of funds, securities and shares;
  • Tracking of securities quotations on KASE and leading international stock exchanges;
  • Viewing the glass of supply and demand of securities traded on KASE;
  • Viewing statements about the status of a personal account for a certain period;
  • View the status of all completed transactions;
  • Receiving a notification when the account balance changes (when dividends or coupon interest on securities are received, transaction fees are withheld);
  • Performing other information operations.

System capabilities in the presence of EDS or the use of one-time passwords

  • Execution of exchange purchase/sale transactions, both on the Kazakh and international markets;
  • Performing cash conversion operations;
  • Performing REPO operations;
  • Performing operations on debiting and crediting securities;
  • Withdrawal of funds to their own accounts and accounts of third parties;
  • Placement/sale of shares of the Mutual Investment Fund "Reasonable Balance".
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