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Terms, conditions and tariffs

No. Service Tariff***
1 Provision of cash and securities flow report (quantitative accounting) for reporting year  Free of charge
2 Provision of preliminary return with annexes according to form 240.00 3 MCI
2.1 Calculation of property income* 3 MCI
2.2 Calculation of other income** 3 MCI
2.3 Provision of breakdown (tax register) to tax return Free of charge
3 Completion of Annex No.2 to tax return 240.00 “Income received from sources outside the Republic of Kazakhstan”* 10 MCI

* Tariff is charged when there are operations on client’s personal account to be reflected in the corresponding line of the tax return.
** Other income received from activities in the securities market mean, as a rule, interest (coupon/dividend) received / paid by the issuer on its securities, if this income was not taxed at source of payment previously.
*** Tariff is charged at double rate if this Agreement is concluded after March 20 of the year following the reporting year.

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