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  • What is the benefit from investment into IIF?

    By investing funds into IIF, the investor becomes a sahreholder of IIF shares, the price of which varies. In case of successful assetvmanagement  and favourable situation on the stock market and the global economy as a whole, the price of IIF share increases. The investor get investment income upon sale of shares whose price increased in value.

  • How may I deposit money on the IIF?

    You can deposit money in 2 ways:

    1) Transfer funds from your personal bank account to the IIF bank account. You would be able to see the bank account details of our IIF in the request form for purchase of shares.

    2) Deposit money on your  personal account of the BCC Trade from your brokerage account to the account of IIF without service commission.

  • How often may I withdraw money from my interval investment fund account?

    According to the Rules of IIF, clients can leave the IIF, i.e. to sell shares, only once a month. In case of urgent need to withdraw funds outside of allowed dates (less than 2 months), an investor has to pay a discount in order to recover the interest of other IIF investors totaling 1.5% of personal invested funds.

  • Can I make orders via phone?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer such service, since we would have to register an order on paper following a call. Our clients use the BCC Trade platform in order to save time.

  • How can I check the securities and the amount of money I have on my account?

    When your brokerage account is opened, you will receive a login and password for your personal account where you can monitor the movement of money and securities within your account. Furthermore, you can ask for an official statement of money and security transactions in personal account, The statement is prepared by our managers as a paper certified with the company stamp once a month free of charge.


  • What documents will I have confirming my ownership of purchased securities?

    Since securities are electronic, for the confirmation, we can provide you with appropriate reports. As your broker, we can provide you with reports from your brokerage account, which will include listing of all the securities owned by you and a report about cash flows, and securities within a defined period.

  • Are you going to advice me where to invest my funds?

    Qualified analytics working for our Company prepare analytical materials for our clients. We will advice you where to invest money and when to sell the securities you own. While being our client, you will get an access to a regular mail with latest news and investment and ideas.

  • Can I fully trust my funds for management by your Company?

    For the clients who would like to fully trust their funds for management, there is a service called “Individual Trust-based Management”, about which you can learn more in detail on thispage.

  • Who can act as a guarantor of the safety of my invested funds?

    Unfortunately, engagement in the stock market involves a certain risk level. According to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we do not have a right to give any guarantees regarding the stock market. All the responsibility and risk related to engagement in the stock market is carried by investors.

  • Can I participate in shareholder meetings?

    Your participation right in the shareholder meetings depends on the nature of stocks that you hold and the rules of an issuing company.

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