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  • Why can’t I buy and sell securities without a broker?

    In order to be engaged in broker activities, a person has to have a license. KASE does not work directly with investors, but – through brokers who have the license.

  • How to obtain EDS ?

    You can obtain EDS for free in the Center of service of the population at your residence, preliminarily submitting application on egov.kz. Moreover, you can obtain EDS at our office. These keys are issued by Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Centre (KISC). The cost of these keys is 2 000 tenge. Keys are issued for one year.

  • How can I withdraw my money?

    In order to withdraw funds from a brokerage account, you must provide your manager at BCC Invest your bank details. Once you sign the letter, composed by a manager, your money will be transferred to your bank account details. Also, if you are a user of BCC Trade platform, you will be able to submit the corresponding order online.

  • How to deposit and withdraw funds? How can I deposit money into my brokerage account?

    You can transfer cash by wire transfer from any bank in accordance with the bank details, which you will receive when you open a brokerage account. Also, we recommend the clients of JSC Bank CenterCredit to transfer funds through Starbanking system.

  • Is the income earned through the stock market taxable?

    According to Art. 156 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the profit received from dividends and capital gains on securities of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange is not taxed. But, despite the fact that profit is not taxed, you must declare them every year. In the international market, tax on dividends and interest, as a rule, is withheld at source of payment at the rate of payment of 5-25%, while tax on capital gain is payable in the Republic of Kazakhstan. You can use our service for the preparation of the registers to the tax return for the securities transactions conducted through our company. For more information you can read this page.

  • Can I put my shares in safe deposit box?

    Securities are not issued on paper; they are electronic, therefore it is impossible to put them in safety deposit box.

  • Can I transfer my securities to you from another organization?

    Yes, you can. We will make an order for deposit, and the company, where financial instruments will be transferring from, should make an order for withdrawal. As soon as these orders are executed, securities will be deposited to your account held in JSC “BCC Invest”.

  • What will happen to my money and securities, if you go into bankruptcy?

    JSC “BCC Invest” does not work with clients' money directly. We open client’s accounts in the Central Securities Depository which is a state guarantor. The Central Depository stores all your money and securities. Therefore, if something happens to JSC “BCC Invest”, your money and securities will remain intact. All international securities are held in Custodian Banks. These are the second-tier banks not affiliated with our company. You can always transfer your securities in any other custodian bank of your choice.

  • Can a give my securities as a gift?

    Security is a private property; therefore you can do anything you want with your property, including giving it as a gift. Technically, we open an account to a person you want to give your securities as a gift and transfer securities to his/her account.

  • Can I work on Kazakhstan stock exchange through you if I am a non-resident?

    Yes, you can. We work with non-residents.

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